Right Now!

The second leg of Riding Americana ended on 10th October 2013. I rode 20,000 miles and visited 32 states. I achieved my goal of visiting all of the “Lower 48” across the two trips with a total mileage of 37,100 miles.

I’m now back in Edinburgh. I’m intending to carry on writing posts to document the trip. Plans for future trips are beginning to form. Watch this space.

Updated Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 – 18:35 pm local time in Edinburgh, Scotland


6 thoughts on “Right Now!

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  3. Aren’t the Redwoods amazing. 300 feet tall and over 2000 years old. Trevor and I met and had coffee in Reedsport on Saturday. I got lucky with a campground in Brookings. Went on to view the tree’s, spent the night, then traveled back home on Sunday with a sick bike. Bad battery or charging system. Trevor looks like you went down Walker Road–is that right? Did you lay your hands on the tree’s?


    • Hi Ken – good talking to you on Saturday, sorry to hear about your sick Honda. Those Redwoods certainly are amazing. Those photos were taken on the Avenue of Giants. I rode that all the way and then back on Hwy-101 until I reached Hwy-1. I did most of that yesterday down to San Francisco – an amazing ride.

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