Planned Route – Week 10

I guess it’s about time I plan the remainder of the trip. The last route plan for Week 9 ended in Nashville. Before setting off I’d only planned out the route up until the point Doreen flew back to Edinburgh. This was important because we needed to tell friends and family when we would be visiting, and to be sure that we could make Nashville in time for her flight back.

Having a planned route has proved to be really useful, so I’m going to do the same for the rest of the journey. There are still plenty of places I want to see and people I want to visit, so I ought to let them know when I will be arriving.

Day 64 – Thu 05 Sep – Nashville, TN to Mount Vernon, IL
Day 65 – Fri 06 Sep – Mount Vernon, IL to Mayetta, KS
Day 66 – Sat 07 Sep – Mayetta, KS to Kansas City, MO
Day 67 – Sun 08 Sep – Kansas City, MO to Branson, MO
Day 68 – Mon 09 Sep – Branson, MO to Clarksdale, MS
Day 69 – Tue 09 Sep – Clarksdale, MS to Montgomery, AL
Day 70 – Wed 10 Sep – Montgomery, AL to Tallahassee, FL
Day 71 – Thu 11 Sep – Tallahassee, FL to Venice, FL

After Doreen goes, I need to get up to Mayetta, KS to see Kyle and collect my excess luggage that I posted to him from Denver to make room for Doreen and her gear. From there it is on to Kansas City for Iron Maiden.

I’m then going to start making my way down to Florida to see Bill and Francis again, and to ride across the Keys. I debated the route, but settled for giving Arkansas more of a go – just as long as I don’t spend the night in this notoriously dry state. Then on through Mississippi and Alabama to Florida. Florida is such a long state, I’m going to spend nearly a week getting down and back up the state.



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