And the river keeps on rollin’

Day 24 Saturday 27th July 2013 – Lewiston, ID to Missoula, MT

Hmm, I woke up this morning with a wee bit of a sore head. When I went outside for a coffee and a smoke, Rebel was doing the same and it seems that Bushwhacker felt much like I did. Several coffees, waters and cigarettes were required before I left human, and even then I stayed at the hotel until the latest check-out time, and then went for a coffee at Starbucks on the pretence of requiring further internet access. It was noon by the time I got on the road, and Bushwhacker couldn’t have been that bad since they had set off around 10am.

My original plan for the day had been to ride from Lewiston to Butte, but now with the late start, I decided Missoula was a more realistic target and that I’d take the advice from the guys in the bar last night.

And I’m glad I did because the US-12 is a bendy, twisty road that follows the Clearwater River nearly all the way. It’s a fantastic ride, with some great scenery, but it is not one to be rushed.

From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013
From Idaho, July 2013

When I got into Missoula that evening I wanted nothing more than to find a motel and just chill with a couple of cold beers. My evening with Rebel and Bushwhacker had taken it’s toll. But it was worth it.

And I had the big sky to look at.

From Montana, July 2013



4 thoughts on “And the river keeps on rollin’

  1. Sorry about that. We had a great time hanging out with you though. Hope the Emergen-C helped you out a little. If you’re ever in the Tacoma/Olympia, Washington area you and Doreen have a place to stay. Safe travels Trevor.

    • Don’t be sorry. I had a great time. It was well worth it. Thank you for the Emergen-C, it did help. If we’re in the WA area, we’ll definitely be in touch. Great meeting you both.

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