Even the sushi rocks

Day 17: Saturday 20th July 2013 – Fairfax, CA to Fairfax, CA

Both Graham and I lay in past 9am in our respective beds. Sarah was up early for yoga. She hadn’t partaken of the whisky last night.

Graham and Sarah had ideas with what to do with me for the day, and I let them take the lead and drive me wherever they saw fit. A day’s rest from riding was welcome. I ridden every day since Toronto over 2 weeks ago.

They took me out to the coast on what turned out to be Highway 1. We stopped for brunch at Point Reyes Station. Like many of the small towns we drove through, it was bustling with people. I hardly even consider the day of the week when I’m riding, but I guess it was Saturday and the city dwellers obviously head out-of-town and up the coast.

The farmer’s market at Point Reyes Station seemed to be doing good trade. I approved. I try to buy a lot of my food from farmer’s markets at home. I’d much rather give my cash to local farmers than some big conglomerate, and better still you know where your food is coming from. Anyone who doubts the wisdom of this should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch Food Inc on loop.

The Drake’s Bay area (named after Sir Francis Drake) is famous for its oysters, and the place we had brunch, the Station House Cafe, I had them two ways – barbecued, and breaded with eggs omelette-style. I may horrify oyster purists, but I actually prefer them cooked and sauced, although breading them was overkill. Eating oysters forced me to relate to Graham and Sarah an old story.

When I’d been working on a project in York some years back, I’d gone out to dinner with some colleagues. One of them was Todor, a great Bulgarian I had the pleasure to work with. Todor and I decided to split a seafood platter between us, which had oysters au natural in the shell. It was the first time Todor had eaten oysters and he asked how he should tackle them.

“Don’t think about it, just swallow” I said.

Some other wit at the table chipped in, “I bet that’s what you tell all the girls”.

Todor - second from the left

Todor – second from the left

Well, Todor tried but stumbled. In his Bulgarian accent with his mouth full of oyster (and if you don’t know any Bulgarians, just imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger with his mouth full and you won’t be a million miles away), he said, “Trevor, it’s too big. I can’t swallow”.

The rest of us at the table just cracked up with laughter, and poor Todor, to this day hasn’t been allowed to forget it. Sorry dude.

After brunch, we continued up the coast on Highway 1. We passed an oyster company along the route, and I’m not exaggerating much when I say that half of northern California seemed to be there. The place was rammed with cars and buses lining the road for a mile around it. Oysters sure are popular in these parts.

We didn’t stop for more oysters, but continued up to Goat Rock Beach and its harbour seals.

From California, July 2013
From California, July 2013
From California, July 2013

And from the beach, I could see the road I would take tomorrow.

From California, July 2013

From Goat Rock beach, we took 101 back to Fairfax, stopping in San Rafael for some happy hour wine sampling at Sarah’s aunt’s music bar, Fenix.

From California, July 2013

That’s the San Rafael mission in the photo, not Sarah’s aunt’s place.

Then we went on to sushi. Even the sushi rocks in California.

From California, July 2013
From California, July 2013

Best sushi I’ve ever had.

The night was rounded off with ice cream.

It was a great day and a well needed rest for me. Thanks to my fabulous hosts. You rock.

From California, July 2013

Good luck and best wishes for your wedding in October.


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