Rock Queen on Highway 1

Day 16: Friday 16th July 2013 – Monterey, CA to Fairfax, CA

Friday started much as Thursday had finished, cold and foggy.

From California, July 2013

Guess I could’ve stayed with 101 and headed for San Francisco as fast as I could, but I opted to stick with the fog and follow Route 1 around the coast. I was rewarded with brief respites from the fog at times.

From California, July 2013

There were still a lot of sports bike riders on the road. The Laguna GP must of attracting a large crowd. One thing I did notice about the sports bikers is that they are not as friendly as your average cruiser rider, in California at least. A good proportion of them, but by no means all, didn’t return the biker’s greeting. I’ve heard it said the chance of a wave being returned depends on whether you’re riding the same type of bike or not, and I guess it’s true. In the UK, Harley riders, and also BMW riders, have bad reputations for not returning the “nod” to other bike riders. I don’t how true that is. I ride a Harley and I acknowledge nearly everyone on 2 wheels, except for maybe Larry Lycras and pizza delivery boys on a 50cc twist and thrash.

From California, July 2013

Riding along in a section without fog, I came across the Highway 1 Brewery. It’s in a fairly isolated place, so nearly all their patrons must drive to get there. I thought that must limit the tasting potential for most.

From California, July 2013

I decided I’d stop for just the one, and I choose the Rock Queen in honour of Mercy from Engines of Vengeance, one of my favourite local bands in Edinburgh, and very tasty it was too. Mercy’s other band, Size Queen, were kind enough to play our wedding.

From California, July 2013

As I’d stayed in San Francisco for a couple of days on the last trip (and got eaten by bed bugs), I’d already decided that I would sail on through and up to Fairfax to visit Graham and Sarah. I did want to cross the Golden Gate Bridge again, but yet again it was foggy as I crossed. And it still isn’t golden, it’s a reddy orange.

On getting into Fairfax, Graham had cold beer ready for me, and after another beer and a bite at one of their local bars, a rather fine whisky to round off the night.


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