The journey begins

The journey has officially begun. I’m sitting in Glasgow airport waiting to be boarded onto Air Transat flight TS325.

I packed all the bags up yesterday along the lines I’d have them on the bike, but that gave 3 pieces of checked in luggage, which meant I would be paying for 2 pieces of additional luggage, so I managed to cram the roll bag for the forks into the touring bag. I still got stung of an extra £65 to check 1 extra bag in. But I have been indulgent because I packed my kilt and New Rocks, seems entirely appropriate attire for Rob Zombie, Black Label Society and Iron Maiden gigs.

The luggage for 3 months on the road.

The luggage for 3 months on the road.

The New Rocks

The New Rocks

Doreen came over with me to Glasgow Airport for our last night together for 5 weeks. I am very lucky having such a wonderful wife who understands and even encourages my need to travel and see the world. But there were a few tears and snotters this morning when we said goodbye til Denver on 11th August.

I’m beginning to get nervous again about crossing the border into the US. I know they let me in last time, but I can’t help feeling anxious about it. All it takes is the one border official to take a dislike to me and not let me in, and that is the whole trip over before it’s even begun.

Flight is being called for boarding, so I’ll see you on the other side.


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