Planned Route – Week 9

Day 57 – Thu 29 Aug – Austin, TX to Lake Charles, LA
Day 58 – Fri 30 Aug – Lake Charles, LA to New Orleans, LA
Day 59 – Sat 31 Aug – New Orleans, LA
Day 60 – Sun 01 Sep – New Orleans, LA to Vicksburg, MS
Day 61 – Mon 02 Sep – Vicksburg, MS to Memphis, TN
Day 62 – Tue 03 Sep – Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN
Day 63 – Wed 04 Sep – Nashville, TN

After 8 weeks riding, it is only in the 9th week that I start getting to the “Southern 14”, which  are the main objective of this second trip. Doreen hadn’t been to many of the southern states either, so it will be good to incorporate some of them into her visit. We did toy with the idea of all of Doreen’s visit being in these states, but if we did that there wouldn’t be an opportunity for her to visit Martha, Korilyn or Lisa.

Apart from a week long conference visit in 2003, I haven’t been to any of the “Southern 14” previously, so I have no pictures to post for these route plans.

From Austin, we’re heading for New Orleans, with an over night stop planned for Lake Charles. We’re planning to stay for a couple of nights in New Orleans and hoping to be able to meet up there with our friend Bill. On our 2011 trip, Bill was living in Billings, MT and we used his house as a base for the start and end of Doreen’s initial 2 week adventure. I had been thinking that I’d head up to Billings to see Bill after riding Beartooth Pass, before heading down to Sturgis, but Bill had other plans and decided to move to Florida. I possibly have a chance to meet up with Bill again in Florida, but for Doreen, the only real opportunity to see Bill is if he comes along to New Orleans or our final destination of this leg, Nashville, TN.

After our 2 nights in New Orleans, we are planning to ride up to Nashville, with overnighters in Vicksburg, MS and Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, Nashville is the end of the line for Doreen’s part in this adventure. She flies home from there on Thursday 5th September.


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