Planned Route – Week 8

Day 51 – Fri 23 Aug – San Diego, CA to Mesa, AZ(Martha)
Day 52 – Sat 24 Aug – Mesa, AZ
Day 53 – Sun 25 Aug – Mesa, AZ to Silver City, NM
Day 54 – Mon 26 Aug – Silver City, NM to Fort Stockton, TX
Day 55 – Tue 27 Aug – Fort Stockton, TX to Austin, TX(Korilyn)
Day 56 – Wed 28 Aug – Austin, TX

This week is really all about visiting friends and family, and covering the distance between them at a fairly rapid pace, with 300+ miles a day the norm. After leaving Lisa and San Diego, we’re planning to ride east to Mesa, AZ to visit Doreen’s sister, Martha and family.

The plan is stay 2 nights in Mesa, and then ride to Silver City (home of Billy the kid), via Tombstone. I visited both of these historic wild west towns on my last trip, and there is a certain hotel in Silver City that I’d like to stay at again if we get the chance.

From New Mexico

From Silver City, it is a relatively hard ride to Austin, TX. We’re planning to break the journey at Fort Stockton as over 700 miles in one day might be pushing it. I’ve managed 800 in a day before but that took over 12 hours hard riding and I really don’t think Doreen is going to be up for that.

From Texas

Austin has a lot of fond memories for Doreen and I. It is  the place that I proposed to Doreen during our last adventure, and thankfully she said yes. It’s also home to one of Doreen’s dearest friends, Korilyn, who was maid of honour at our wedding last year.  We’re planning on stopping a couple of nights in Austin, TX, which might also give me the chance to catch up with our friend Max if I miss him in Indianapolis in the first week.

From Our Wedding

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