Planned Route – Week 7

Day 44 – Fri 16 Aug – Mexican Hat, UT to Torrey, UT
Day 45 – Sat 17 Aug – Torrey, UT to Cedar City, UT
Day 46 – Sun 18 Aug – Cedar City, UT to Page, AZ
Day 47 – Mon 19 Aug – Page, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ
Day 48 – Tue 20 Aug – Flagstaff, AZ to Blythe, CA
Day 49 – Wed 21 Aug – Blythe, CA to San Diego, CA – (Lisa?)
Day 50 – Thu 22 Aug – San Diego, CA

Most of this week will be spent touring the National Parks in southern Utah and, of course, Grand Canyon. When I started thinking what route Doreen and I should take from Denver to San Diego, it became obvious pretty quickly that this was an area we had to ride. I’d visited southern Utah almost by accident on my last trip. After riding through Death Valley, I’d headed down to Las Vegas with the intention of staying a couple of nights and then riding over to Grand Canyon . I’d even booked and paid for my hotel ahead of time. But one night in Vegas was more than enough. First thing the next morning, I packed up the Trooper and escaped by heading into Utah without any particular plan. I happened upon Zion National Park almost by chance and what a refreshing difference it was from Vegas. The scenery in southern Utah is some of the most stunning of my whole trip.

From South Utah

Knowing that Doreen hasn’t been to Utah, I’ve planned this leg of the journey to take in as much of south Utah as we have time for. It really is a “you’ve gotta see this” place. All you Route 66ers, you really would do yourselves a favour taking a couple of days to go north into Utah after visiting Grand Canyon.

From South Utah

I really won’t mind in the slightest re-visiting some of these beautiful National Parks, and I’ve planned in checking out a few I missed last time, such as Goblin Valley.

From South Utah

I’m also quite keen to go back to Grand Canyon. Last time I has there, the canyon was shrouded in fog, almost the entire time, aside from one spot on the road, where I did get to see it.

From Arizona
From Arizona

From Grand Canyon, we’ll take a couple of days to ride the scenic routes down to San Diego to visit our friend Lisa. We’ll stay a couple of nights in San Diego, and if they’re in town, I’ll also try to see Derrick and Megan (aka Mango and Dango), the couple who made my visit to Seattle in 2011 so memorable.


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