Planned Route – Week 3

Day 15 – Thu 18 Jul – Los Angeles, CA to Pismo Beach, CA
Day 16 – Fri 19 Jul – Pismo Beach, CA to Monterey, CA
Day 17 – Sat 20 Jul – Monterey, CA to San Francisco, CA  – (Graham?)
Day 18 – Sun 21 Jul – San Francisco, CA to Mendocino, CA
Day 19 – Mon 22 Jul – Mendocino, CA to Fortuna, CA
Day 20 – Tue 23 Jul – Fortuna, CA to Grants Pass, OR
Day 21 – Wed 24 Jul – Grants Pass, OR to Eugene, OR

This week is all about re-visiting a highlight from the last trip – the California coast. Highway 1 is often mentioned as one of the top 10 roads in the US to ride on a bike and I’d be inclined to agree.

From From SF to LA

Last time I rode north to south, this time I’ll be doing it in the opposite direction.

In San Francisco, I’m hoping to meet up with my Scottish buddy, Graham, who emigrated last year to be with his lovely American fiancĂ© Sarah. They are getting married in mid-October. Graham was at my wedding last year, and I would have loved to have shared their happy day as well, but it’s just too late in the year. California may still be warm in October, but after the wedding, I would have faced the 2 week, 3000 mile ride back to Toronto. Riding across New York State  in mid-October 2 years ago wasn’t my fondest memory of the last time – days of rain and 40+ mile-an-hour winds which uprooted trees in Buffalo, NY. I felt I just couldn’t take the risk of the onset of an early winter on my ride north to Toronto.

From Our Wedding

After San Francisco, my ride will take me back up through the redwoods. There is something very special about the giant redwoods. I just couldn’t do another American road trip without coming to see them one more time.

From Road to San Francisco

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