Planned Route – Week 1

The Google map for these routes isn’t entirely accurate because I’m planning to keep off the interstates where possible, but week 1 looks something like this…

Day 0 – Wed 03 Jul – Edinburgh to Glasgow
Day 1 – Thu 04 Jul – Glasgow to Toronto
Day 2 – Fri 05 Jul – Toronto, ON to Chelsea, MI (via Port Huron, MI) – (Brian?)
Day 3 – Sat 06 Jul – Chelsea, MI to Indianapolis, IN – (Max?)
Day 4 – Sun 07 Jul – Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL – (Jason?)
Day 5 – Mon 08 Jul – Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL
Day 6 – Tue 09 Jul – Springfield, IL to Rolla, MO
Day 7 – Wed 10 Jul – Rolla, MO to Tulsa, OK

The idea here is to re-visit some friends and people I met last time, and then to head west on Route 66. Route 66 may be a bit cliched these days, but I need to get to the west coast,  and whilst I touched bits of Route 66 last time, I thought I’d ride the whole route this time so at least I’ll be able to say I’ve done it.

From ChicagoMilwaukee

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