Tickets booked!

Flights and shipping are booked. I arrive in Toronto on 4th July and leave on 10th October. Just over 3 months to complete the tour.

I’ve used Motorcycle Express again to arrange the shipping of the Trooper, and my temporary insurance whilst I’m in the States. They worked well for me last time, so I had no hesitation in using them again. This means that the Trooper and I will again fly over on the same flight from Glasgow, and that I get to ride the Trooper straight out of the airport when I arrive. The adventure begins within hours of touch-down.

One thing I have been continually asked since returning from the last trip is how much it costs to fly a bike to the States?

Well first thing to say is I’m not flying my bike to the US, I’m flying it to Canada. Despite what it says on their website, I’m not actually sure that Motorcycle Express does arrange shipping to any US cities. I know when I enquired for the last trip, they were only flying to a handful of cities in Canada, but from a dozen or more cities in Europe. This time I didn’t even bother to ask about US cities, I plumped straight for Toronto, which is only a half day’s ride from the US border, either into Michigan or New York state. Flying into Canada does have certain advantages, since there is some inevitable downtime because the bike needs to be dropped off at the airport several days before departure. This means that I can spend that downtime in Canada, and not use up any of my valuable 90 days in US under the Visa Waiver Program, sitting around without a bike. This time my friends Rachael and Lissie will be living in Toronto in October, so I’m planning on spending 4 or 5 days hanging out with them at the end of the trip.

But back to the costs. The prices have increased a bit since my last trip. Last time it cost $3,990 to ship the bike, this time the price has increased to $4,490 (roughly £2,870), but that is still way cheaper than renting a bike in the US for the length of time I will be staying. I did a quick check on what it would cost me to rent a bike from Eaglerider in Chicago, and the quoted cost was over $13,000 without any extra insurance or options extras. The cost of my return flight to Toronto is $1,196 CAN, that’s about £750.


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