I’m coming back. I will return.

It’s been ages since I last posted to this blog. When I logged in just now, I noticed I’d had a post sitting in draft for nearly two years!! It’s finally been posted.

I haven’t been completely idle in those two years. I’ve written quite a lot of the rest of the story in manuscript form. Perhaps one day it might even get finished and published as a book.

When I started this adventure in July 2011, the objective was to cover 48 states. Last time round, I only managed 34. So the Trooper and I are preparing to return this summer to see the other 14 states, and to go back over some of our favourite ground from last time. I still have a bottle of whisky I need to drop off in Bondurant, WY.

I’m planning to blog my way across America again, partly just to let the folks back home know were I am and that I’m OK. I’m going to do the blog different this time. Rather than trying to tell the ‘whole’ story in long prose form (which I failed miserably to keep up with last time), I’m just going to give just daily highlights, much as I did with the Right Now! posts last time, but this time they’ll hang around for posterity.

I’ll probably post a few more times before the trip starts, since there is some big news to bring y’all up-to-date with, at least those of you that weren’t with us on June 17th last year.


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