Greetings from Silverdale, Washington

The Trooper is sick. Rear wheel bearings are shot. Bad juju. Metal welded to metal. That ain’t meant to happen. Looks like I’ll be grounded in Silverdale for a day or two. Still it ain’t all bad – the local brew here (Silver City Brewery) is excellent and the seafood ain’t bad either. I haven’t crashed or broken-down in the middle of nowhere, so all good! I might also start making some in-roads to the backlog of blog posts!

On the subject of blog posts, I get to see the stats for page views to the blogs. I see a lot of views to the home page and then nothing else. I may be miss using WordPress, but the thing I am updating as religiously as I can is the Right Now! page, followed by the Journey page. If you are looking for updates, these are the pages to check – the Home page will unfortunately come afer these and be updated less often (I’ve decided to try to live it more than write about it).


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