To live it or to write it?

Despite my best intentions, I’m struggling with keeping this blog updated. Lack of internet access at some places isn’t helping, but the fundamental question is whether to live the journey or to write about it?

If I spend a couple of hours updating the blog rather than riding then that’s going on 100 miles less I will have travelled that day. After a day’s ride, food and a beer are calling. In the bar, I plan the next day’s journey and try to write-up (by hand) some notes for the blog. If I get to chatting to someone in the bar then one beer often follows another and that’s the evening gone. Otherwise I’ll get back to the room and get in an hour or so of internet time, a chunk of which will go toward the blog, as well as answering e-mails, etc. Over the last day or 2, I’ve been struggling to upload lots of photos to Picasa. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.

I still mean to write the “story” posts of the trip – there is a post about Milwaukee that has been in draft and occasionally added to for nearly 3 weeks now (I will finish it!), but in the meantime I’ve decided to give a bit of a “right here, right now” summary of where I am and what I’m planning. I’m going to do these as Pages, which I’ll try to update daily (internet access allowing).

The Scores page has been around for a while (have you noticed it?). I’m going to use this to keep a running total of the states I’ve visited and my mileage to date.

I’ve added the Right Now page which will briefly say what I’ve done during the day and what I’m planning for the next. I’ll try to add a photo of the day to it as well. This page will change pretty much every day. I’m using Picasa for putting my photos on-line. There is a link to the web album at the bottom of all the Picasa photos – if you click on this you can go and see all the photos in the album if you are that way inclined.

The Journey page notes where I’ve been each day with a link to Google maps for the route that day, and a photo of the day for most days. I’ve only just started this page so it’s not the complete journey to date yet, but I’ll get that bang up to date over the next day or two and then update it every day (internet access allowing).

And the Story posts will continue as and when I have time….



2 thoughts on “To live it or to write it?

  1. I have felt the same exact way on my journeys! Do I stop and spend precious time uploading pics and updating the blog or just keep on adventurin. I say Keep adventurein! I’ll see ya on the road brother 🙂

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