Here I go again on my own

After two awesome weeks at Sturgis and touring the Rockies and Yellowstone, my Scottish biker chick flew out of Billings, Montana early this morning on her way back to Edinburgh. We’ve had the best time, which may be noticeable from the lack of activity on the blog while she’s been here. Riding off on the Trooper alone this morning from Bill and Les’ place seemed so strange. I’ll really miss her, but Doreen will returning for another installment of the adventure in Texas, probably in late September.

At the moment, I’m heading for Glacier National Park in Montana and then heading west into Idaho and Washington. I might even take a detour up into British Columbia, Canada to visit Vancouver.

Now that I am back on the road on my own again, I’ll be making a big effort to post to the blog regularly and to try to bring the story up to date. We’ve been taking lots of pictures which I need to upload, so things should begin to liven up here after two almost silent weeks.


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