An English ambassador for Scotland?

Everywhere I’ve been so far in the US, people have been mighty friendly. Outside the cities people tend to say hello to each other just in passing.

My bright yellow British number plate is very different from all US plates, which are predominately white. It’s drawing a lot of attention. People do a double-take and take a real good look.

And then there’s my accent. I get a lot of folk saying “You’re not from round here, are you?” or asking “Where are you from?” or “Where is that licence plate from?” (one person asked if it was German).

My home is Scotland now, so I say “I’m from Scotland”, or “It’s from Scotland” – the plate says Edinburgh Harley-Davidson after all. Now I bet most of those folk go away thinking I’m Scottish, but I’m more English than anything else, and I certainly sound English. My father is English, and my mother Irish. I was born and brought up in England.

I wonder how that would go down in Scotland, that an Englishman was being mistaken for a Scot? I remember the “Anybody but England” camp in Scotland during the last football World Cup. Scotland didn’t make it to the World Cup finals, and there was a movement among some in Scotland to support any other country to win the World Cup, except England. That movement seemed alive and well when I watched England’s last game in a pub in Linlithgow. Every other person in the pub cheered whenever Germany touched the ball. Aw well, I don’t care – I love Scotland and I love a Scottish woman, but the thought of being an English ambassador for Scotland still amuses me.

Actually I could probably find a tenuous Scottish connection if I tried. My mother is Irish, but her family name is Campbell – one of the big clans from Argyll – infamous for the Glencoe massacre.


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