The wonderful ladies

When I called Motorcycle Express, the lady who dealt with shipping bikes was taking the Friday off work and the following Monday was 4th July – a national holiday in the US. I left my name and number, and was promised a call back the following Tuesday.

Time was getting short and I still had no confirmed flights to the States. I was beginning to get nervous and was wishing I had found Motorcycle Express sooner.

Sure enough, Gail from Motorcycle Express called early Tuesday afternoon UK time. I explained to her what I wanted and I was completely thrown when she told me that they arranging shipping to any destinations in the USA. It took me a minute to recover, and Gail went on to explain that some of the destinations are seasonal (and indeed it does state this on their website) and that they were currently flying to only four destinations in Canada, one of which was Toronto. The big poster map of the USA came in handy at this point, a quick glance showed that Toronto was close to the US border and only about 500 miles from Chicago – I could do that in a days ride. Toronto it was then. I agreed to email Gail details of what I wanted to do.

All my subsequent communication with Gail has been by e-mail and I’m impressed by how painless and efficient it has all been. Gail promptly emailed back a cost for the shipping – $3,990 – and what I needed to do to go ahead.

The first thing I needed to do was to book myself a ticket to Toronto with the airline, Air Transat, that would carry the Trooper. Gail put me in touch with Julie at Tourbec, a Canadian travel agency. I emailed Julie and she quickly came back with a flight on the day I wanted and a price of $1,032 (CAD). Next thing was for Gail to check if there was space for the bike on that flight. There was. The Trooper’s mission to invade America was on! Julie booked my tickets for me. Gail booked the Trooper’s shipping.

Motorcycle Express also offer temporary insurance for the US and Canada, plus various other packages such as medical insurance. I may have been able to get some of these cheaper by hunting the internet, but the convenience of getting it all from a one-stop shop was too tempting.

Gerri, Gail’s colleague at Motorcycle Express, turned around the temporary insurance within a day at a cost of $960 for the 3 months. I also took out medical insurance and roadside assistance, just in case.

I’ve been really impressed by how efficiently and quickly this has all been arranged, and Gail, Julie and Gerri guided me through every step of the process. I would like to thank these 3 wonderful ladies – whom I will probably never meet – but without whom my adventure would not have happened. There is a 4th wonderful lady to add to this list – Tracey at PBS International – but we’ll come back to her soon.

So with everything apparently in hand, it was time to give the Trooper through his paces and off to Sonisphere we set.


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