Enter the Trooper

Motorcycle Express offered a new and interesting option to air freight a bike to the US and to insure it. This was a very tempting option. The trouble was the bike I had, a Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron, just wouldn’t cut the mustard on a long trip. It was fine for blasting around town and the occasional day-trip, but it was uncomfortable over long distances for a pillion, and it’s luggage capacity was a rucksack! Now I can travel light, but a rucksack for 3 months just wasn’t happening.

Doreen and I had encountered the luggage problem for the Orkney trip. The pillion comfort issue had come up many times as well. It took just 15 minutes for my son, Brandon, to start feeling uncomfortable on the back.

I’d already decided I needed a new and bigger bike, but I’d been thinking of delaying that until the 2012 season because of the American trip. Once I’d found Motorcycle Express, it took about 4 hours for me to decide to bring forward the new bike.

Since I’d need all the details of the new bike to arrange the passage and insurance, I had to act quickly. Time was running out – it was the end of June and I hoped to fly out a couple of weeks before Sturgis started on 6th August. A brand new bike was out of the question – it would take too long to get registered and that was assuming the dealer even had one in stock. A relatively recent used bike seemed the best way to go. Someone else would have run it in and I could have it immediately.

I did a quick internet search of all the dealers in Scotland and northern England. It turned out only my local dealer, Edinburgh Harley-Davidson, had any used Super Glides in stock – and they had 3! One seemed perfect – a 2010 FXDC with a stage 1 Screamin’ Eagle and Vance and Hines pipes. And it was black! (Anyone who knows me will know why this was a big plus!)

The next day I walked the 2 miles to Edinburgh Harley-Davidson. Two out of the three Super Glides had been sold – but not the one I was after. My negotiating position was weak since I really, really wanted it and I needed it now, but I managed to get a bit of deal on the saddlebags I needed fitting.

The deal was done and the deposit paid – the bike that would be known as the Trooper was on the way to being mine. I arranged to collect after the saddlebags had been fitted and then rushed home with the bike details to contact Motorcycle Express.


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