A rough guide

How does one go about planning such a huge trip? I really didn’t know.

At the start of this adventure, I had a pretty hazy view of American geography and a random assortment of places I wanted to visit, but I didn’t really know what else was there that I might want to visit.

One of the first things I did at the start of 2011 was to buy a couple of books: USA’s Best Trips by Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide to the USA. Both books proved to be valuable sources of information and gave me plenty of ideas for places to visit.

USA’s Best Trips covers 99 themed and iconic road trips across the US, such as Route 66, the Lincoln Highway and the Skyline Drive. I’m not planning on riding any of these routes in their entirety, but routes such as Rockin’ the Midwest and Wild West Legends gave me ideas aplenty.

The Rough Guide to the USA provides a state by state coverage, which was a much more usable format for me, and also chock full of useful advice and ideas.

These may not be the best books on the market (I had no others to compare with), but I found them both extremely useful and would recommend them. I hope I will find space in my saddlebags for them both, but if I can only fit in one then it will have to be  The Rough Guide to the USA, largely because of it’s more usable format and better coverage.


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