Project Edinburgh

On a personal level, the longer I stayed in Edinburgh, the more I fell in love with the place. I arrived at the beginning of May 2010. By September, I had decided that I definitely wanted to make Edinburgh my home.

On the professional front, things weren’t so rosy. We had an “interesting” client who wanted too much built too quickly. We were also struggling to find the “right” development team from only UK staff.

This little problem turned out to have a fortuitous solution because it led me to look further afield for the right development talent, and two great guys from the US joined our team in Edinburgh. They’ve since gone back to the States, but I am really looking forward to meeting up with Thomas and Travis again when I visit Milwaukee, home of Harley-Davidson, in the first week of the trip.

It was also while drinking with these guys that the idea for the Lower 48 began to form. I figured that I would be covering a fair ol’ portion of the states with my 4 legs coast-to-coast. It shouldn’t stretch things too much to dip into any states that the route would otherwise miss out. The idea immediately appealed. It gave the trip an additional objective – a bit like Munro Bagging, except I’d be bagging states.

Christmas 2010 came and went. I got a great new place to live. Our project rumbled on, with a scheduled delivery date in February 2011.

Sometime early in 2011, I had the good fortune to meet a fantastic lady called Doreen. We hit it off straight away, but a new steady girlfriend hadn’t figured too highly on my agenda with, among other things, the prospect of the big American adventure looming. It took me along while to realise that yes Doreen was my girlfriend, but eventually that Eureka moment arrived.

I mention this because Doreen is going to feature in this blog. One of my early destinations is the Sturgis Rally – probably the biggest motorcycle rally in the world. Doreen is flying across to South Dakota for the latter part of the rally and will then be touring Colorado, Wyoming and Montana with me for a week or so after Sturgis.

Bikes lined up on Main Street during Bike Week...

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